Welcome to PyCon Australia 2016!

What is PyConAU?

PyCon Australia 2016 will be the seventh national conference for users and developers of the Python programming language. This year it will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 12-16.

The first day, Friday, features 'special interest' streams on Django, Science & Data, Python in Education and the Internet of Things.

The two main programme days, Saturday and Sunday, will feature fascinating keynote speakers and a packed multi-stream schedule of talks and tutorials for audiences from beginner to expert.

On the final two days, Monday and Tuesday, Python developers will deep-dive into collaboration, as open source sprints give attendees the opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice.

What do I need to do?

The conference is a must for any person with a passion for Python, from dabbler to professional. Mark your calendar and register now!


27 July 2016

Announcing keynote speaker Damien George

Damien George

The PyCon Australia team is quietly ecstatic to announce that our second keynote speaker will be Damien George.

Damien is the creator of MicroPython and ran two very fruitful Kickstarter campaigns to build a community around this microcontroller language. He has built a successful company based on MicroPython and the pyboard, brought it to makers, teachers and industry developers around the world, worked with the BBC on the micro:bit project, and embarked on projects with the European Space Agency to bring MicroPython into space.

“Damien’s work, and continuing community efforts, have been an important part of the Python ecosystem,” said Richard Jones, conference chair. “I’m especially excited to hear Damien talk through the journey of dreaming up and implementing a whole new Python just for the smallest possible deployments, on microcontrollers, and where that journey has taken him.”

We are fascinated to hear Damien’s keynote address and hear about MicroPython in our macro universe. Will you be there?

Registrations for PyCon Australia 2016 are already open and tickets are almost sold out. Book your conference ticket today!

22 July 2016

Call for volunteers

Gain a new perspective on PyCon AU 2016, working behind the scenes to make the event happen. The team behind PyCon AU is an all volunteer team and we need your help to make the show run as smoothly as possible, so we’re now calling for on the ground volunteers to complete the team.

We aim to recruit volunteers to assist us with the following:

A/V staff - Run our video recording system (complete training provided). This is a full-time position and not suitable for attendees. It comes with a free pass to the conference.

Session Chairing - Help run a room during talks over one or more sessions (see the wiki below). Strongly recommended for first-time speakers.

Registration Desk - Handle the registration desk. This is a full-time position and not suitable for attendees. It comes with a free pass to the conference. We will also need some non-full-time folks to cover busy times.

Badge Check - Verify attendee ticket validity at the entrance doors.

Volunteers will be provided with a free T-Shirt and full-time volunteers' food and drink requirements will be looked after. This is a great opportunity to experience a Python conference first-hand and to connect with like-minded Python enthusiasts.

There will be a training session in the evening of Thursday 11th at the MCEC for all non-A/V volunteers. The A/V volunteers will have training at a time to be determined.

To sign up:

Non session chairs: just e-mail us indicating how you'd like to help out!

Session Chairs:

  • Go to: SessionChairing on the wiki
  • Sign in with your PyCon account credentials
  • Add your name to your preferred slot(s).

18 July 2016

Announcing keynote speaker Dr Russell Keith-Magee

Russell Keith-Magee

The PyCon Australia 2016 team is happy to announce that our first keynote speaker will be Dr Russell Keith-Magee.

We’re familiar with Python as a scripting language, as a web server language, as a data analysis language, and as a teaching language. But is that the limit of where Python can be used? What is the future for Python on other platforms? Is the prospect of using Python on those platforms a novelty, or a viable way to fend off an existential threat to the language? And how does this threat intersect with other threats we have to our community, and to our industry?

Dr Russell Keith-Magee is a 10 year veteran of the Django core team, and for 5 years, was President of the Django Software Foundation. He's also the founder of the BeeWare project, developing GUI tools to support the development of Python software. When he's not contributing to open source, he's the CTO of TradesCloud, a company providing integrated job management software for tradespeople.

“Python has long been available on ‘all the platforms’, but it hasn't kept up with the massive increase in mobile devices,” said Richard Jones, conference chair. “Russell has has been an exemplary community leader and his open source projects are doing the important work of addressing that lack of coverage.”

We are excited to hear Russell’s keynote address and contemplate the multi-platform future of Python. Will you be there?

Registrations for PyCon Australia 2016 are already open and tickets are two-thirds sold. Book your conference ticket today!