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Python for Bioinformatics for learning Python

In this talk I will explain why Python is an excellent language for learning about bioinformatics. I intend to make a compelling case in favour of using Python as a first language for teaching bioinformatics.

I will then explain how bioinformatics can be a useful vehicle for learning Python.

Finally, we will visit a site where users can learn both Python and bioinformatics in a stimulating, engaging and motivating environment.

The talk will assume familiarity with Python, but does not assume any knowledge of bioinformatics.

Martin Schweitzer

Martin has been developing software for longer than the average Python developer has been alive. During this time he has used Fortran, Basic, Lisp, C, C++, Java and JavaScript, but Python is his favourite.

At work he tries to use Python whenever and wherever he can, but since he does not get enough of it at work, his hobby at home is to solve bioinformatics problems using Python.