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Exploring Kivy in the classroom - GUI and App development for Python

Graphical User Interface with Python is a tricky business. Come and learn a bit about Kivy and learn about my successes and failures using it with my Senior Software Development students (in NSW) to introduce GUI and App development with Python.
In this workshop you'll be introduced to the Kivy library, the tagging and formatting in kv files, setting up the python classes to support the UI and passing parameters between them.
The workshop is not really suitable for the Python beginner because we need to play around with classes and methods (one of the challenges with using it in the classroom) but will otherwise be a fairly measured pace.

Amanda Hogan

Amanda Hogan is a ICT Integration Coordinator and computing teacher at Tara Anglican School for Girls. She has taught computing for the last 8 years and ICT integration for the last 5. She teaches Year 7 and Year 8 Mandatory Technology (the computing units) as well as Year 9-10 Information and Software Technology and Year 11-12 Software Design and Development (in a blended classroom with both internal students and some external to the school).

She also gives her time to work with colleagues in the greater community; running workshops at conferences and professional development evenings and being an active participant in computing conversations on social media.

Finally, she is a passionate advocate for raising the profile of programming and computational thinking among girls. In order to accomplish this she has added a programming unit to both years of the IST program at Tara, established a CodeClub for both the high school campus where I work and also in the primary school with Year 4 students where she volunteer her time in the afternoon. The newest initiative that she is putting her energy into is the burgeoning “Maker Space” in the school library, believing it’s important to teach the skills to students to allow them to make their imaginations come alive.
Amanda comes to teaching after working in the IT industry, most recently as a data analyst and program manager at Microsoft Australia. She is the recipient of the 2015 ICTENSW ICT teacher of the year award and is a Google Certified Innovator. She is also a regular volunteer and content creator for the Girls Programming Network.