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So you want to make a screencast?

Well, do you? If so, there are a bunch of tips and tricks that you can learn that will get you up to speed very quickly.

Creating lesson content is always demanding and time-consuming. Using screencasts as a medium of instruction is no different, but there are clearly very specific habits that can make you much more efficient. Specific advice about working with Python and the Jupyter Notebook will also be covered.

Secondly, this talk will also touch on aspects related to working with a publisher. These will include drafting the initial scope of work, negotiating timelines, and managing feedback and criticism.

Caleb Hattingh

Caleb is a long-time pythonista of some 15 years. Though a chemical engineer by training, he has worked on a wide variety of projects including mathematical modelling and simulation, financial and CRM software for the hospitality industry, online bookings, servers for capturing GPS data from IoT devices, and founded the online Codermoji service to provide a more effective way of learning to become a programmer.