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Designing Hardware with Python - A story of the HDMI2USB.tv project...

Project: TimVideos & HDMI2USB

Python is generally considered a high level language a long way from hardware, this very fact actually makes it an awesome tool for helping out with the design and creation of hardware!

This talk will hopefully cover;
* Python hardware description languages (HDLs) for creating \"gateware\" for FPGA chips or even real IC design.
* Python scripting for hardware schematic layout and design rule checking.
* Python tools for deploying, programming and debugging embedded systems.
* Some cool projects like the HDMI2USB.tv (open source hardware for video capture) which use many of the above parts.

This talk will focus on open source tools.

Timothy Ansell

Tim 'mithro' Ansell is a long time open source contributor. Originally getting into FOSS to make cool computer games, he quickly found and fell in love with the language Python. Tim loved the language so much he would eventually go on to start a conference dedicated to the topic called PyCon AU.

Tim's current efforts concentrate around trying to make recording and live streaming of user groups and conferences (such as PyCon AU) cheap and easy to do. This has amazingly required the development of custom open hardware and a huge amount of Python to make it happen.