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CPython internals and the VM

Project: CPython

Ever wanted to know what CPython, the standard Python interpreter, is doing under the hood? What happens at startup before your code is run? How is your code translated to VM bytecode, what does that bytecode mean, and how is it run? In this talk, we'll dive into all of those fun parts!

This will help you understand what your code is doing under the hood, how to potentially optimize it, and to know the advantages and disadvantages of CPython and how they affect you.

Christopher Swenson

Dr. Christopher Swenson is a computer scientist, programmer, author, and occasional mathematician. He currently sells his labor to Capital One as a Technology Fellow. Previously, he has worked for Seed, Simple, Google, and the US Department of Defense as a software engineer and cryptanalysis. He wrote the book Modern Cryptanalysis. He holds a Ph.D in computer science from The University of Tulsa in Oklahoma (US). He is a cupcake.