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Teaching geometry using Logo/Python turtle module, or how to sneak programming into maths class

With the new national curriculum for Digital Technologies, there is a fantastic opportunity (and in some schools, need) to teach programming in conjunction with other learning areas. Python is an ideal first language, and there is a natural and deep relationship between mathematics and computer science.

We used the Python’s Turtle module (an implementation of Logo) to create resources that integrate the Year 7 Geometry topic and the basics of Python programming in a way that’s highly engaging for students. Learn about how we integrated the two subject areas and the results of our pilot run with a cohort of Year 7 students in NSW.

Vivian Li

Vivian is currently working as an Engagement Engineer at Grok Learning, an Australian startup that is looking to revolutionise how programming is taught in schools. She's taught programming to high school students for the last six years through the National Computer Science Summer School and Girls' Programming Network, and is passionate about teaching the next generation the STEM skills they need to become the creators of tomorrow.