Inaugural Internet of Things mini-conf

The Internet of Things (IoT) mini-conf will be a day devoted to presentations and demonstrations of how Python powers IoT devices, applications and services.

The proliferation of distributed devices connected to the Internet has been an enabler for a variety of new capabilities and services ranging from home automation, to sensor networks, building management systems and smart vehicles. This one-day works hop will concentrate on Python applications and technologies that exploit this global interconnectivity of people, devices, appliances, vehicles, sensors, embedded controllers, and computation.

Python has a diverse ecosystem of libraries and frameworks that makes it a great choice for developing IoT devices, applications and services. The Python ecosystem allows developers to rapidly develop embedded software to interface with and operate remote devices and applications and manage them using tools like Salt and Ansible. Data captured from IoT devices can be analysed using powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities provided by Numpy, Scipy, and scikit-learn. Captured data can be easily presented on dashboards created using Flask and Django.

The Python community is only just scratching the surface of how Python can power the IoT and this mini-conf will be a great opportunity to discuss and learn about how Python is, and can be, used to develop and deploy IoT devices, applications and services.

- Tomas Krajca and Lachlan Blackhall, IoT mini-conf organisers