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It's PyCon Australia week! We trust you are as excited as we are! 😁

There are a few events happening this week in close association with PyCon AU. Check out the details below:

On Wednesday and Thursday, there will be a Data Carpentry Workshop at VLSCI (University of Melbourne). This is a hands-on workshop teaching basic concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data. It's well suited to researchers and scientists, but open to anyone (including people not attending the conference). Topics covered will include spreadsheet analysis, SQL, basic Python and Pandas. It's free to attend but see the web page to register.

Data Carpentry is a sibling organization of Software Carpentry. Where Software Carpentry teaches best practices in software development, the Data Carpentry focus is on the introductory computational skills needed for data management and analysis in all domains of research.

We are big fans of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry at PyCon Australia; last year a Software Carpentry workshop was held alongside PyCon AU in Brisbane, so we are happy to see this tradition continue. Let's pythonify ALL the scientists!

On Thursday evening, there will be the MelbDjango birthday party to celebrate MelbDjango turning three! That's a huge achievement for any meetup to sustain, let alone the other things they have also done - organising MelbDjango Camp, and MelbDjango Schools to share their knowledge and love for Django to new audiences. Congratulations to Brenton and the Common Code crew -- here's to another three years. 🎂

Finally, on Saturday morning, the PyLadies breakfast will be happening at Left Bank Melbourne, just up the road on Southbank. This is also a free event, but please register by Friday for catering.

The PyLadies Melbourne chapter just formed this year, and it's an exciting and rare chance for women and genderqueer/non-binary Pythonistas from around the country to meet in person and make connections. We are looking for a sponsor for this event. As the conference is sold out we unfortunately can't offer any free tickets, but we would be heartened to see financial support forthcoming for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. If you or your company is interested, please contact us.

On the days of the conference, there will be a Running group. There are some great runs planned and it's the best way to prepare for a day of sitting down watching presentations, so pack your sneakers!