There will be a run each morning of the conference, including the first sprint day (but not the Tuesday).

The planned runs (with links to the route and map on Strava) are:

The runs range from 5.3km up to 8.2km long and are run at a civilised, inclusive pace.

Meeting time & place

The runs will start at 7am on Friday (the miniconfs day) through Monday (first day of the sprints).

We aim to be back around 7:40 - 7:45 so you have time to grab breakfast and shower before the conference starts at 9am.

We will meet on the east side of the MCEC, next to the Polly Woodside barque, on Orrs Walk, as shown on Google Maps.


If you are not staying near the MCEC and want to have a shower after the run and before the conference, watch this space... we are checking out options for [free?] showers near the MCEC. According to the mighty Reddit:

DFO South Wharf. Toilets near food court, head down the corridor a little more and there is a second Magical beathroom with about 4 showers :)

We are going to confirm this during the week, so stay tuned.

If it's wet?

We will still run if it’s drizzling. If it’s a torrential downpour, I’m sleeping in.

On the sliding scale between drizzle and downpour, it is safe to assume that we will be more likely to run than not, so see you there!

We will update this page if there are any changes due to rain, hail or snow :)


David Micallef and Graeme Cross are organising these runs. Please contact Graeme if you have any questions.

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