If you are flying into Melbourne, there are three options to get into the city from the airport: taxi, Skybus and public transport.


Allow $55 - $65 for a taxi and anywhere between 20 minutes and 45 minutes travel time, depending on the time of day.


There are a number of shuttle bus options, of which Skybus is probably the most well known. It takes you to Southern Cross station in the CBD, where you can connect to trains and trams.

Tickets cost $38 return ($19 one way) and there is free wifi on the bus. Allow up to 60 minutes travel time (best travel time is 20 minutes).

Public transport

The public transport bus stops are near Terminal 4. There are a couple of options to get into town via PT, both of them slow (60 - 90 minutes), but cheap.

You will need a Myki ticket to travel on public transport from the city. You can buy a Myki ticket at the airport: details are on this page.

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